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Knight Knox have produced a how-to guide you'll want to read from cover to cover.

So you're tentatively thinking about getting into the buy-to-let market? If you've got a chunk of money to invest, there are many compelling reasons why property is the way to go, particularly in Manchester, which has one of the highest demands for rental accommodation in the UK.

But investing in a buy-to-let property isn't as simple as putting your money into a financial product, and the size of the task puts some people off getting started.

That's why Manchester-based property developers Knight Knox have produced a very accessible but comprehensive guide to the buy-to-let market. It covers many of the issues you need to know about before you invest. (And it won't make your brain ache with financial jargon or information overload.)

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Knight Knox develops property across the UK but with a particular focus on the North West. They specialise in many different parts of property development and investment, including land acquisition, property design, marketing, financing, lettings, property management and sales, so their bank of knowledge is huge.

They also have an excellent track record, with 80 developments launched, 55 developments completed and tenanted, and more than 20 others in construction. It's safe to say, they know their stuff.

Their guide covers subjects such as what questions you need to ask yourself before you invest, where the property hotspots are in the UK, and your top considerations as a landlord. Whether you're completely new to buy-to-let, or are experienced in this area already, it'll arm you with the knowledge you need to make a good investment decision. Get the guide for free through the link below.

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